Hi, My name's Edd. I'm a web developer with over 8 years professional experience working freelance and in agencies. This is my website. Strap in.


I specialise in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I like to build websites using Wordpress but have a wealth of experience with other languages and frameworks including React JS, Angular and Drupal .

I can make incredible things like this happen.

Eherm. Sorry about that. I promise I won't do that on your website.


Whether your agency needs additional frontend support for your next project or your company is redeveloping its website, I can provide a high level of quality and professionalism working either in-house or remotely.

"Lovely Stuff."

- Shakin' Stevens


I live and ideally work in Brighton, although I'm happy to travel to the surrounding area.*

*London does not constitute the surrounding area.


I'm currently looking for new projects for Q2 2017 although I am always happy to discuss future availability. ALWAYS. HAPPY.


If you want to hire me or if you need to let me know about any large amounts of money bequeathed to me by my late second cousin, please feel free to contact me.